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Nature of Business

The Leading & Premier Aikido Organisation in South-East Asia.
Established in 1988, Led by Founder, Shihan(Master) Philip Lee (7<sup>th</sup> Dan), together with a pool of well-qualified full-time Instructors dedicated to impart the philosophy and essence of Aikido. ASK has over 80 training centers island-wide and overseas, and more than 10,000 members, including 2,000 children.

ASK prides itself on the following:

- Officially recognised by the Aikido World Headquarters, Japan
- The first and only Aikido organisation in Singapore approved to conduct the Sports Education Programme
- The first and only full-time Aikido organisation with a Headquarters (HQ)
- The first to introduce Aikido to the Singapore Police Force, the Singapore Armed Forces and Singapore
  Airlines' Cabin crew
- Affiliate Aikido centres overseas, in China, Malaysia and Indonesia
A Japanese modern art of self-defense, also known as "The Art of Peace", where practitioners are able to defend themselves effectively against an opponent of superior size and strength by blending with the opponent's force through the use of smooth, fluid and circular movements.
It is suitable for all ages, including children, ladies and elderly.
We conduct classes for:
Individuals (Adults - Mixed classes, Family, Ladies' class & even Senior Citizens)
Defense against weapons attack
Corporates Organisations
Schools & Corporate Companies (SEP, Workshops, CCAs)
Children (from 3 years of age)
Come open a path for self-betterment, while learning self-defense and leading a healthy lifestyle.
Shinju-kai Aikido... A way of life.