Nature of Business

AQZOG Swim School is providing swimming lessons in Singapore. The origin of our Coaching philosophy was developed from our past experiences both in swimming and in life. It was base upon the books and magazine that we read, clinics we attended, experiences we had as a swimmer and as a coach. From these, we learn and understand that teaching swimming is about making it fun, enjoyable and effective.

Established since 2007, the school has successfully groom non swimmer to confident kids over the years. It provides an all year round training, giving students continuous opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge, performing effective drills like they have never done before. We are constantly learning from other coaches and attending coaching clinics to give kids the latest and updated strokes opportunity. Always remember – Happy kids are confident and smarter kids.

AQZOG Swim School offers:
  • Infants and Toddlers Swim Program
  • Pre-schooler Swim Program
  • Intensive Holiday Swim Program
  • Swimsafer Program
  • Singapore Swim Proficiency Program (SSPA)
  • Strokes Correction Program
  • Life Saving Skill Program
  • Long Distance Swimming Award
  • Kids and Adults Swim Lessons for Expatriates
  • Short Term Crash Course
  • Swim Clinic
  • On-Line Swimming (Free)
  • Special Needs Swim Program
  • Fin Swimming (New)