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Singapore 139658

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Mr Sebastian Wong, Managing Director
Mr Eugene Chow, Project Manager
Mr Willard Ong, Project Manager


Nature of Business

Osportz Pte Ltd is a sports and outdoor enrichment company. Our business centres around people development through the use of experiential activities. The scope of delivery comes from our strength in conceptualising outdoor learning and immersion programs. We are also a firm promoter of Sports Orienteering events.
Our belief is in delivering a positive and thoroughly engaging experience to our clients, in which they are also challenged in forging new boundaries, building communication and strengthening personal values.
Our vision is to promote Orienteering as a major sporting movement in Singapore as well as within the Asian region. This can be achieved by incorporating the elements of fun, learning and competition as the three main pillars of our holistic approach in promoting Orienteering.
Osportz Pte Ltd is also the authorised dealer for the SPORTident timing system in South East Asia. SPORTident is the world's leading universal identification and timing system. It can be deployed interchangeably across all versions of leisure and adventure sports - from cross country running and biking to indoor court activities. The SPORTident system is designed with flexibility, durability and easy handling in mind - with these robust features, they can allow organisers to have a more efficient control over their event.