Swimming Instruction

Swimming is an individual or team sport and activity. Competitive swimming is one of the most popular Olympic sports, with events in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. Swimming is a healthy workout that can be done for a lifetime. It is a low-impact activity that has several mental and bodily health benefits, that is a recreational motion for everyone. Swimming can provide a low-impact… More


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Holiday is here again. Time for great adventure. Instead of spending time with your iphone, playing games with friends or even sleep away your time, why not enrol in our 6 days of swimming program to improve your skills? Everyone must at least know how… More



My kids progress under the guidance of coach Raymond. He was patient, friendly and is great with children. Highly recommended. (Parent of Aiden 6 & Kayden 8) My child used to be fearful of water until he started lessons with AQZOG. I like the way they… More

About Us ART Aquatics is a swimming club operating @ Hougang Swimming Complex. We aim to not only teach and educate but also inculcate a sense of belonging and spirit of sportsmanship among our swimmers. Join ART Aquatics and be part of the family!!! More

Aquatics In Motion brings best practices to its aquatic programs in the niche areas of infant and toddler swimming, kids' water safety and swim stroke development. The school has helped hundreds, children and adults alike, in being water safe and achieving… More

Sports Lifestyle Initiatives Pte Ltd (“SLI”) was established in 2005 to offer structured swimming programs to private, childcare and school students from all age groups, including adults. Over the years, we have developed into one of the largest swim… More

Aqua Skills is a learn to swim company that focus on swimming with confidence, be water safe, and swimming with efficient strokes for advance level swim program. We conduct weekly children swim program, School holiday swim program, Adults and ladies… More